DracoMom Team

DracoMom baby carriers were created in 2015 (originally under the name ZMajčice) and continue to grow and develop under the leadership of Mirna Perendija-Kučević.
She is a babywearing consultant and a mother of three. Her expertise as a consultant and her experience as a mother who carried her children she turned into creating, modifying, adapting and perfecting the design of her baby carriers. From August 2020, Rusmila Husić joined her and together they founded the company DracoMom Carriers d.o.o.

Thanks to their comfort and quality workmanship, DracoMom carriers are a recognizable brand, worthy of attention.

We want to offer attachment pareting, comfort and quality to as many parents as possible and introduce them to the benefits it brings.

Our mission is to make DracoMom Carriers a recognizable European brand of carriers, available to every family.

Your reviews are important to us

“We have been cooperating for over 2 years. From my uncertain beginnings, to experimenting with various carriers and materials.
Mirna is always professional, every seam in place, every product was perfect.
Mirna sewed the best onbuhimo and the best SSC carrier for us.
Comfortable, high quality, perfectly sewn.

All recommendations.

Mihaela Vujčić Ilić

Just got my lovely carrier and I just love it! Immediately ordered an other one!
Absolutely perfect! The best carrier I’ve ever tried (and I tried a lot)

Melanie Stokman

This is the first time I have tested a carrier of this brand. I could hardly wait for it because it has really amazing comments. Adjusting is very simple and the carrier is really comfortable. My baby is almost 9 months and 10 kg, so carrying was enjoyable, without back pain and strain.

Bojana Ćelap

The carrier is very adjustable, as well as for mammy (daddy, granny, sister, bro) so is for baby. We all tried it.

Leja Stojiljković Mitrović

DracoMom Carriersinvests so much into giving you opportunity to bond with your child. Her sewing technique is impeccable and she gives her special twist to every carrier she makes. For me, one of the most important things is that she is experienced babywearing mom, ready to share her knowledge.
If you are in any doubt, just let me tell you, go for it, you are going to be more than satisfied.

Erna Ćeman

At first I was surprised how lightweight this carrier is, and then how soft it is. Putting it on and adjusting was very easy, and even switching between me and my husband.
We used it for few hours long walk, and it felt very comfortable. Honest recommendations.

Andrijana Berisavljević

… Carrier phenomenal, super comfortable and very high quality. It is now absolutely clear to me why DracoMom carriers are so adored and where so many positive comments generally come from for the kindness, professionalism and ease of arrangement.

Jasmina Rakovic

We’ve had the carrier for a couple of days now and I can’t praise enough the quality and details that are crafted to perfection. I was expecting this level of quality considering how much I read the reviews before ordering. Thank you DracoMom, thank you for the quality, thank you for the professionalism and you are definitely the brand I recommend next!

Ivona Bukelić

For the second year we are already using DracoMom baby carriers, the first love is a baby size baby carrier with a panel made of woven scarf, easy to set up, comfortable, and Dad was happy to wear it, a lifesaver. We almost won the linen onbu, perfect for summer (and for other seasons), it mounts even faster than the first one, wide stuffed shoulder straps, son enjoys it, darling. The most sincere recommendations for the wonderful Mirna and her magical hands.

Sandra Nedeljković

Mirna's work is for every recommendation!
Our love for her stretcher has lasted for over 3 years, we have tried almost all models and each one suited us - belt, straps, cut, various details, everything is carefully and lovingly made. She is constantly improving her creations, while still not losing recognizability.

Marta Hrbud

I had the chance to test this brand and I am very impressed. Its very easy to adjust and sooooo comfortable for both of us.

Polina Agatova