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Thanks to their comfort and quality workmanship, DracoMom carriers are a recognizable brand, worthy of attention.

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Ergonomic baby carrier

The carriers are adjustable, ie. adjustable in width and height so that they grow with the baby. They come in 4 sizes to meet as wide a range and needs as possible, depending on when you start carrying and how fast your baby is growing:
Baby size - intended from the age of one month up to ready-to-wear 92 (on average up to 2 years of age)
Mid Size - intended for babies carrying a ready-to-wear number between 68 and 104.
Toddler size - intended for children wearing a ready-to-wear number between 86 and 110.

The carrier supports two carrying positions: forward (towards the wearer) and on the back.
The carriers are made in accordance with European standards EN 13209-2: 2015 and CEN / TR 16512: 2015.

- The carrier has curved shoulder straps that better follow the line of your body and enable a more comfortable carrying on the back (they do not chafe under the armpits, etc.)
- A specially designed strap for better weight distribution on the shoulder straps is standard.
- PFA tensioners (at the beginning of the shoulder strap) allow the carrier to be better adjusted for more carriers of different build / height and better adjustment when worn on the back;

- The hood (flat) is a standard part of the carrier. It is useful to hold the baby's head when sleeping and as protection from wind / rain / sun. And when it's not in use, you can roll it up and fasten it so it doesn't matter. The rolled-up hood additionally serves as a head support for small babies.

DracoMom half buckle carriers

DracoMom half buckle carriers are a combination of a buckle carrier (a belt that is tied with a buckle) and straps that cross and tie like a woven wrap. Therefore, it is faster and easier to adjust when changing baby carriers.
It is made in sizes like a buckle carrier.
It supports three carrying positions - front, back and hip carry.



DracoMom Onbuhimo

DracoMom onbuhimo is intended for children who are able to sit independently. Onbuhimo is a practical companion for shorter distances or during pregnancy because there is no belt across the abdomen. The onbuhimo panel, which goes around the child’s back, is adjustable in height so it supports proper carrying and provides the child with comfort.

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