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DracoMom Hip Bag

Want your cell phone, keys and some other little things at your fingertips while carrying a baby or just need a purse around your waist? DracoMom Hip Bag is here to help you with that. Choose a hip bag to your liking, to match the carrier.
We offer you a choice in materials and designs.

Hip Bags

DracoMom Sackpack

The daily need to bring something without straining your hands is solved with this backpack with strings. It is easy to use and combines with a carrier.

Sack Packs

DracoMom suck pads

When you invest so much in your carrier, you don’t want it to wear out quickly and look worn out. That is why there are suck pads to protect the parts of the carrier that get dirty first, ie the shoulder straps. These parts are closest to the baby's mouth and the favorite of those whose teeth grow, so they are the first to be "hit". To avoid washing the entire carrier after each use, protect it with suck pads that you can wash after each use of the carrier (the method of washing depends on the material from which the suck pads are made).

Suck Pads

DracoMom Scarf



DracoMom lumbar support

Lumbar support is there to increase the comfort of the belt on your back, in the lumbar region.


Lumbar support

DracoMom Doll Carrier

Small baby carriers adapted for children, so that your little ones can carry their loved ones like their moms and dads…

Doll Carriers

DracoMom covers

Elegant, warm and durable. Winter covers are necessary for winter family activities.
DracoMom covers are made in two layers for exceptional comfort and protection in a wide range of weather conditions. DracoMom covers combine a softshell - a waterproof and windproof layer - and a detachable fleece lining that will further warm your child. The inner fleece layer is attached to the outer layer (softshel) with drikers and can be removed if necessary. There is a suitable hood on the cover to protect the child's head and a large warm pocket to protect your hands.
The cover is independent and can be easily adjusted while your baby is still in the carrier.